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Greetings, new member here. 😊
I apologise in advance as I am sure there are a thousand threads about this already but after a search I couldn't quite find what I was looking for.

My story: I intend to swap the 4AT in my 99 Forester GT to a 5MT.

My issue: I've read that any EJ series engine with a 5MT will swap to my GT without much hassle, but there's some info I haven't been able to find.

- Is it true that any EJ model 5MT will fit my GT? Or is it only other Forester EJ's that will work?

- If the 5MT has the low/high 4x4 option (for example in a 99 Liberty GX Wagon), would it still be an easy swap to my GT? Would I have to take the low/high components or can I somehow just take the manual trans as is?

I don't want to source a Subaru with an EJ and 5MT only to discover it isn't compatible for some reason, and I've used the best Google-fu I know to find answers before posting here.

Again I apologise, but I really need to be 100% before I make a purchase and this was the only way I could be sure.


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