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2019 Forester Sport
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After waiting over 8 weeks, I finally have mine!

Here was my timeline for those curious :

- Ordered April 23rd, was told 4-5 weeks.
- On May 22nd, was told it was in Vancouver and would be at the dealership in 1-2 weeks.
- On June 3rd, I called the dealership for an update - was told by the manager it should've been here by now and he'd let me know.
- On June 8th, I called the dealership again because I hadn't heard anything. Was told the boat was actually delayed and wasn't even in Vancouver yet. It would be another 2 weeks.
- On June 13th, I noticed it was listed on the dealer's website as in stock inventory (same VIN they gave me). Called June 14th to inquire about it, was told it would be at the dealer within the week because Subaru Canada automatically lists the vehicles on their way to the dealer as in stock inventory.
- Finally got the call June 19th that it was at the dealer.
- PDI was completed on the 21st and I picked it up the same day (they wanted me to wait until the next day and I said absolutely not and that I would be there that day lol)

Kind of annoying, but whatever. I have it finally.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts