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Food for thought- Rear Solid Axle

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Hey all, before I dive in:

Yes, Subaru designed/engineered/manufactured their cars with IRS for a reason. I posted this in here because while it is mostly drive train talk, I figured a solid rear axle conversation might be more popular here than in the general drive train forum.

This being said, completely open to criticism:

What's everyone's thoughts on essentially bridging each hub to the differential using a custom tube setup, eliminating the lateral links, and adding in a 4 link setup with a slip-joint axle for proper articulation? I have been finishing up my front double A-arm conversion design and have started thinking about how I want to do the rear, and this just popped into my head and I was curious if anyone had any input.

I'm not really looking at this as a upside/downside situation, but the downsides I can gather are:

-More unsprung weight, as well as more weight in general. Might not be exactly desirable in some cases.
-Obviously cost and point of conversion. Why change something that's fine?
-Lower central clearance. Not exactly beneficial as the plan for my car, anyways, is overland.

I dunno, just throwing this out there. I think it would be kinda cool just for s**ts and giggles, and I figure if I'm already converting the front, might as well do something fun in the rear. It would be easier to get the coil overs I want under there, too, as well as pushing the wheels a wee bit back.

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@TanStin The articulation improvement would be huge, that's for sure. And possibly weight carrying capacity. If it were me, I'd probably do leaf springs. Now you no longer have to worry about link geometry, lateral links (you'll still have a single panhard bar unless you go with some crazy triangulated 4 link) and then coil springs would take up a lot of vertical space.
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