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Food for thought- Rear Solid Axle

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Hey all, before I dive in:

Yes, Subaru designed/engineered/manufactured their cars with IRS for a reason. I posted this in here because while it is mostly drive train talk, I figured a solid rear axle conversation might be more popular here than in the general drive train forum.

This being said, completely open to criticism:

What's everyone's thoughts on essentially bridging each hub to the differential using a custom tube setup, eliminating the lateral links, and adding in a 4 link setup with a slip-joint axle for proper articulation? I have been finishing up my front double A-arm conversion design and have started thinking about how I want to do the rear, and this just popped into my head and I was curious if anyone had any input.

I'm not really looking at this as a upside/downside situation, but the downsides I can gather are:

-More unsprung weight, as well as more weight in general. Might not be exactly desirable in some cases.
-Obviously cost and point of conversion. Why change something that's fine?
-Lower central clearance. Not exactly beneficial as the plan for my car, anyways, is overland.

I dunno, just throwing this out there. I think it would be kinda cool just for s**ts and giggles, and I figure if I'm already converting the front, might as well do something fun in the rear. It would be easier to get the coil overs I want under there, too, as well as pushing the wheels a wee bit back.

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I always wanted to put a BRAT body on a Suzuki Samurai chassis.
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