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Not mine, and wondering if the owner is on here..... Or people here know something more about it .

Cause was pointed at the foggy front windshield.

Here’s how the Northampton Police Department’s Facebook post described the wreck:

This morning at 7:17 am, officers responded to a motor vehicle collision in the area of 530 Spring Street. The driver had reported that she was trapped in the vehicle, but not injured. Members of NFR and NPD responded and located the vehicle inside of a landscaping trailer. The trailer had been parked with the back open and the vehicle entered the trailer from the open end. The driver reported that the vehicle’s windshield had been foggy and had reduced her ability to see the landscape trailer. The driver was issued a citation for impeded operation and operating a vehicle with an expired registration. Both the driver and passenger declined medical treatment on scene. A tow company pulled the vehicle from the trailer. Both the vehicle and trailer sustained heavy damage.

Cliff Note Picture, not my labeling....
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