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2006 Forester XT Manual
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Hi all,

Had my forester named Florence about a month and a bit now so thought i should start a journal. She is an 06 XT with PPP pack. Mainly boring maintenance but hopefully I'll get a few mods in as well.

Bought Florence to replace my 330i touring and to tow the caravan we bought for family holidays. Here she is on towing duty

Previous owner had spent 1400 quid on a new clutch, diff and gearbox oil change so hopefully that means i won't have to do any of that for a good while now.

Have mainly been driving Florence so far. Have an intermittent P0420 fault that comes and goes. MOT is due in september so will see what they say then. Pretty sure the drop links are shot too but ill get under and check them soon. Also got a new thermostat to fit. Below temp gauge is about as high as it gets normal driving however first time towing the 'van it got right to the top before i managed to pull over :(. Heaters on full managed to keep it at a reasonable temp for the rest of the trip.

Some more shots from the first week of my ownership :)

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