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floor jacking points for Forester

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I would like to see a diagram of the lifting points. This thread Jacking Question...Rotation of Tires has a diagram but that does not pertain to the new model, which has a much larger plastic underbody.

I'm not confused about where to use the scissors jack: at the pinch-weld flange under the door sills. That information is in my 2015 Owners Manual. I want to know where a tire shop should lift, say, when rotating all four tires.

Is there an official Subaru diagram showing the lift points?
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Here is everything the FSM has on jacking, including photos.

Text Line art Line Diagram Font

Line art Text Line Diagram Parallel

Text Line art Diagram Design Font

Text Line art Font Diagram Design
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Thanks, you have provided the official directions on jacking, just what we needed to see.
I have been studying these diagrams. It seems that the approved method of using a lift (to raise all four wheels simultaneously) is by using the same four points which would be used by the pantograph (scissors) jack.

I'd like to know if anybody with a 2014+ has seen how they do it at a Subaru dealership. And what about a tire shop, like Discount Tire -- are they equipped to lift the vehicle in the approved manner?
I just wanted to know how to put the front end on jack stands, thanks!
First post: Thank you for uploading the images. Exactly what I needed to find ... info on central jacking points as opposed to "change a tire scissor-jack placement".
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