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Check/replace brake switch

Long Story:
My MY07 FXT would intermittently flash cruise control without a CEL. I did a lot of searches on the web on various Subaru cars (Foresters, outback’s, sti/wrx, legacy, etc) forums on what would cause this. There seems to be a lot of theories from tripping a sensor without recording a code, vacuum leaks, after installation of aftermarket parts and possibly putting on your underwear backwards.

There were a ton of different user experiences and none of these suggestions or fixes applied to me, worked for me, or made sense. I basically thought I had a slim to none chance of figuring this out. But one day someone randomly pulls up next to me and says, “hey buddy, your brake lights don’t work”.

So thinking this is a completely different issue from the blinking cruise, I searched the web and did some tests on the car to find out my brake switch is bad. The brake switch is a sensor that is found under your brake pedal and tells the car when you are applying the brakes, which would signal the brake lights to turn on. This is a common issue for Subarus with a poorly designed switch that would fry itself and needed to be replaced. I got the part from the dealership and installed it within 15 minutes.

Ever since, I have not had a flashing cruise control light. I didn’t post my findings right away until now but I have not had the flashing cruise on for the past 4 months or so. Prior to the fix, the cruise light would blink at least every few days and progressively got worse. I suspect the switch was on the way out and finally completely fried itself. I am sure this case is just one of various cases that would cause the cruise light to blink. This just happens to resolve my issue.
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