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For the last week or so, my car has been making a light clicking sound if I apply power from a stop with my wheels turned. The sound is coming from the front driver's side (United States driver's side). I believe this could be the sign of a bad CV joint. Today my car started shuttering violently and the steering wheel simultaneously began shaking. I was about 20 miles from home and was going to try to limp it to my parents' home about 5 miles from where I was. I continued driving on the shoulder at about 25 miles per hour, hoping that whatever was causing the shuttering and shaking wouldn't seize up altogether. I made about 2 miles and had to make a left turn. After making the left turn, the car was fine and I decided to try to make it the full distance to my home instead of going to my parents't home. I made it home safely, though about 1 mile from my home the car briefly started to shutter and shake again and then came out of it.

So, I'm thinking this is a CV joint issue. Would anyone disagree? This is my first Subaru and I don't know much about their peculiar quirks and drivetrain oddities. Maybe this is how they behave when a wheel bearing is going out? I don't know.

If this is a CV joint problem, would anyone care to guess what I will pay to have someone repair this for me? I live in Iowa (United States), last time I knew the average repair shop was charging about $50/hour.
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