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Hi Guys,

I'm putting the Ali arms on my XT and the rear mount/ALK looks to be different, like I need more parts or a different ALK.

I can't be the only one to have done it so figured I'd ask for help.

I have the whiteline ALK KCA361 which I've had for a year and it works well, fitted perfect but didn't make difference to the geometry.

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Pics will tell the story :)

This is the ALK I have in the car, with stock control arms removed, view of the Front:

This is the stock control arm, the flange mates to the Front surface of the ALK, above:

As you can see the wide metal flange on the arm presses against the wide yellow bush, and mates nicely.

The Spec C control arms have a narrow flange in that area, which touches the Front of the ALK, so won't touch 90% of the yellow bush, they look like this:

The Spec C arms came with a big washer but it does'nt suit the ALK I have.

The Rear surface of the ALK, I can just re-use the big washer I have already, which looks like this (on the left):

So, the question is, how do I get this:

To mate with this:

Do I need a new ALK? Which one/model number?



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I had a similar issue today as I was installing my Aluminum arms. I don't have the ALKs but I had whiteline caster bushes in the stock forester rear mount, but I just used those two parts that you listed and used the stock forester washer/rubber spacer on the other side (nut side).

In other words, yes you should get 20280A and 20205.
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