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2020 Forester Sport
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Hey folks!

First time subaru owner, just bought a 2020 forester sport in Columbia SC!

Absolutely in love with the car, I spent countless hours on this forum prior to making the decision to buy. This is my second car and the first (dodge avenger 08) was a complete nightmare trying to find reliable resources for information.

This forum seems amazing and there's so many people willing to help. I love it!

I have to admit if it wasn't for Sdcerreta's member journal of his forester sport 19 mods... i don't know if I would have pulled the trigger on the forester vs outback.

But honestly, I'm glad I did. (I've read his entire journal of mods like 6 times planning different mods and additions)

  • I've learned so much, and I have planned so many hours of fun!


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