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First time Subaru owner from Boston, MA

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Hi everyone, greetings!

I bought my first Subaru Forester (2019/Pearl White/Black Interior/ Touring) 2 weeks ago. I live in Boston, MA and can't be more happier to drive this awesome car in New England weather already :grin2:

This is also my first brand new car as all my previous cars were pre-owned. I looked at various other cars like new RAV4, CRV, CX5, X1, etc. but the new 2019 Forester felt like it's the perfect car for me. I went to buy the Limited leather trim, however, considering the music package with RAB upgrade that I wanted, Touring was just $1200 more away. Thanks to my dealer who beat everyone in NE region.:thumbsup:

I am still in break-in period. Also, I am used to CVT and appreciate the eyesight and driverfocus system which sometime feels like my mom warning me to behave :laugh:. Auto start stop is good to have and I turn it off in heavy traffic. I am very pleased with my Forester overall.

The only thing I did not like is the horn.. Ti Ti LOL.. Maybe I get used to it or that will be my first mod. :woohoo:

Feel free to ask anything about my Forester.

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Welcome! Subaru, the official car of New England!
Are you really in Boston, or just close enough for forum purposes? :icon_wink:
I claim Boston heritage here in Atlanta. Factually it is Pigeon Cove, Rockport Mass. But no one knows where that is.
You qualify, Richard. I qualify by having been born there, despite never actually living there. Except for about 4 months.
In Boston city. Fortunately, I have a dedicated parking spot now and don't have to use a cone/chair/bucket to reserve my spot :grin2:
Way to go!
I'm a new Subaru owner too and I have to agree about that horn. It doesn't sound very intimidating. I'd be interested in hearing about a plug-n-play replacement option or two from the masses...

@Radiotube - You probably won't get much of any response to your horn question here, because horn people might not be attracted to the opportunity to greet a new member from Boston. Try posting out in one of the technical forums, or do a Google search here (upper right corner) on the word 'horn' and see a quick extract from each of the many existing threads on the subject.
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