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Hello Everyone!

Last week I made the decision to buy a Subaru. I heard too many good things (yes, I feel like I got on the band wagon) about the 2014 Forester and was contemplating making a change.

I traded in my 2012 Crew Cab Sierra 1500 SLT for a brand new 2014 2.5i Touring Forester with the Eyesight option.

Odometer is a little under 400 miles so far in less than a week.

Here's what I like so far:
  • MPG
  • Sound system
  • fits in my garage!
  • Visibility
  • Keyless entry/start

  • Cannot use Rain-X; Anyone know if can I use Bug Wash by Rain-X?
  • No remote start (parking in the garage though)

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Welcome to the forums from Western PA.

I have been using RainX for as long as I can remember. Use it on my 2011.
This includes the window washer fluid as well. I never had any problems with it contrary to some rumors going around that it ruins stuff...

Why do you feel you feel you cannot use it??

Wait till you drive this thing in the snow, it is awesome....
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