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Hi guys, Dannyboy here. I'm the Chairman of Scoobycity and I've been a member on here quite a while already as I've looked at getting a FSTI a few different times over the years.

Anyway I've finally got one although times are a bit harder now-a-days than they once were and sadly its not an FSTI but a lowly 2002 S-Turbo.

Now I need a bit of a refresher course in these things as I seem to have forgotten everything I once knew.

Firstly, I need to know what model it is or more to the point what you guys refer to the different models as. I belive I'm right in saying its an SF? And what are the newer/older numbers just so I know.

Also I need to know what bits fit from impreza's as I have a mountain of old bits in the garage from all the impreza's I've owned over the years.

Whats the cheapest way of dropping these? Can I just put in some impreza springs and if so what model/year will fit?

Now as for performance, what's needed in order to get the power up to say a standard WRX? I assume bigger turbo, injectors and a remap but am I missing anything?

Sorry for all the questions.



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Nice car,

Good choice and love the colour.

I haven't done much to mine but used a Magnex turbo back system from a scooby and it bolted on using longer hangers at back.

Induction kit from scooby as well bolted on.

Swapped suspension from 2001 wrx to get rid of the sls system.

Momo steering wheel from Scooby fitted as well.

I love my 2001 S- turbo, I know it doesnt have the same power my WRX scooby used to have but future mods can change that(when money allows).

Good luck with your Mods

Scooby69 :woohoo:

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