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Fender flares or Who's Forester is this?

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If the Bushwacker flares shown here are too large, then these are just freakin' right. They look like the "universal" flares offered a while back, but I can't be certain.

I'd really like to do something similar to help keep rocks and other road debris from hitting the side of the car, but I'm not sure where these flares came from. Anyone have an idea?

I think these coupled with some nice UR mudflaps would really help knock the crap down off the side of the car.

EDIT 1: Got the green light, pictures are back

Future reference and getting the good information up front.

SG #: J101ESA200

SF #: E2010FS000

Discontinued in US, but possibly available elsewhere in the world. Model specific as well. We'll see if Bushwacker brings anything out as well.


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PM Dale AKA GarageXTI :icon_wink: he might be able to figure out who's it is.:icon_wink::icon_wink::icon_wink::icon_wink:
PM Dale AKA GarageXTI :icon_wink: he might be able to figure out who's it is.:icon_wink::icon_wink::icon_wink::icon_wink:
I wondered if the paint on the front mount was the clue. Thanks!
ahhh, I really like the look of that.
aren't those the JDM flares? some of the singapore members have them I believe, as well as a couple UK guys
that is a gorgeous looking Foz
Right click, save as! :icon_eek::bacon::bacon:
I cant stop looking at it:icon_eek:
Yowza. Unique and beautiful. Me want flares too!

Umm, sweet scoop setup! And side intake tract, what the hell did he do to the hood (looks like a shield)? The more I look the more I see!
I want those headlights and that wide body kit!!!
He is releasing info on this masterpiece like it is the unveiling of the next Enzo....


Exterior parts list, poleez. :icon_cool:
It's about time pictures of Dale's ride surfaced. And, oh my do they look scrumptous!
Are those chrome tails that have been tinted? If so, I am definitely going that route.

Yes, I am still looking at it...I think I am in love with another Foz:shake:
what's the story of the asymmetrical hood scoop? Who makes it?
OH LOL! I've been waiting for these FOREVER!!
Now I feel horrible that I stumbled upon these while looking for fender flares for my Foz. I feel like I've taken his thunder. The pictures are coming down immediately until I hear back from him.
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