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Feal coilovers with swift springs

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Feal coilovers with swift springs for 2014-2018 forester. They were in car for about 20k miles. They need to be rebuilt. Comes with covers. top hats are just dirty and needs to be cleaned

PRICE $450 plus shipping


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Seems like low mileage for a rebuild on a street car. Did you auto-x or track a lot? Or what do you believe warrant s the rebuild?

Additionally what are the spring rates front and rear?

I don't need them, but would have jumped on them the beginning of this year.

I am just asking questions that potential buyers should be asking.

Additionally for potential buyers you should know the Swift spring upgrade is now a $320.00 additional charge on top of the coilover pricing. Some of the Feal's came with the option for free a while back.
So the price is an excellent deal even if all four corners need rebuilding. They rebuild them here in the U.S.

Depending on the replies to my questions these may be a total steal of a deal for someone on a budget that's looking for a good quality product!

Heck if I had spare change right now I'd snatch them up. Then have them rebuilt when I had more spare change and sell them with a healthy profit margin!

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Still for sale?

Would you sell the springs separately?
To reiterate the above question. Why do they need to be rebuilt? ie. leaking, making noise etc.
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