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A week or so ago I took my 05 FXT in to Faulkner subaru/mazda out of Mechanicsburg, PA, to have my vf39 and uppipe installed because I didnt have the time to do the installation myself. The staff there accepted my request when three other local dealships would not even consider it. Additionally, the staff was very friendly and professional and left an excellent impression. I was so satisfied with the superior service that I wrote the following letter to Subaru of America in hopes that they recognize the staff for their exceptional customer service.

To whom this may concern,

I'm writing to inform you of the exceptional service I recieved from the staff at Faulkner Subaru/Mazda out of Mechanicsburg, PA. I required a unique service which involved the installation of MY05 STi parts (specifically a vf39 turbocharger and uppipe) into an MY05 Forester XT.

After speaking with the service manager and explaining my request they agreed to perform the installation despite the risk of voiding the vehicles warranty and potentially causing long-term damage.

Ryan, another service manager, did an outstanding job of spearheading the installation, coordinating rental car services, and completing the job within the same day. Additionally, rather than delivering my vehicle to front of the dealership upon completion, Ryan asked that I inspect the vehicle inside the service bay to insure the job was completed as per my request before they removed it from the bay.

The outstanding customer service and willingness to help directly reflect the superior quality and knowledge of the Faulkner staff. When I asked three other local dealerships to perform the same task, my request was not even considered in fear that they would be liable if anything went wrong. However, the Faulkner staff went above and beyond my expectations for customer service and have effectivly set the standard for Subaru dealership sevices. I certainly hope their efforts and services will be properly commended by Subaru.

Zach, a loyal Subaru customer
If anyone else lives within the central PA area, I would highly recommend directing you business to the Faulkner staff. There are alot of dealerships that perform admirably but I wanted to share this experiance on the forum as they honesty went above and beyond my expectations!
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