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Factory roof rails of an XS to fit an XT?

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I recently purchased a used Forester XT 2009. It came with nothing on top so I am looking for the factory roof rails. I have found some used ones that are for the 2009 X or XS premium model. Will these fit my XT?

Thank you and all the best.
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yes, those will fit.
They'll be quite the chore to install since you have to remove a lot of your interior panels to get to the mounting bolts.
Thanks for that info!
Wow. Yes that sounds complicated... But I imagine that someone at a subaru dealership might be able to manage?
I am in Mexico...
A dealership should be able to do it for you.
I know there was a how-to posted a while back about deleting the roof rails from an XT and installing the flush-mount rain gutters from an X model back when the SH-chassis first came around.

This would just be the opposite procedure, but the steps would essentially still be the same.
My situation is that I am in Mexico and having a very hard time finding used roof rails for the XT. I did find a B3 Tribeca 2009. By a any chance do you think the roof rails on that would fit my Forester?
Thanks for you help!
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