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Hi All,
I’ve had my MY11 SF for 4 years now and I’m thinking of upgrading in the next couple of years. I originally bought the Subaru with the hope of swapping out the FB25 for an imported FA20 but since I’ve had the Forester Ive been really disappointed with the seat position.
As with most modern SUVs for some reason they feel the need to make you sit below the bonnet in a semi horizontal position so you can pretend you have a sports car which I hate. I used to have a 1999 Rav4 which I loved driving but it needed more oomph and was on it’s last legs.
I obviously also love the safety and modern features in newer SF’s but I hate the driving position. I want to buy an XT Premium FA20 and replace most of the Rav4 with Subaru XT parts.
I considered trying to modify the XT windscreen angle/seating position but the authorities tend to get a bit funny about that without serious engineering behind you so it would be easier to have an incognito Rav4-Subi Frankenstein.
I was curious as to whether anyone has put an FA20 into something else- particularly a Toyota but anything would be good to see.
My old Rav4 was 1695mm and the Forester is 1795mm so there isn’t a wild amount of difference width-wise. The BRZ is 1775mm so it would only be 4cm narrower either side so might be doable with some jimmy rigging.
I would not be completing the work but want to look into it before I get the ball rolling.
Also if anyone knows of any good car modifiers/subi specialists in Australia who might be able to answer my questions that would be awesome.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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G'day & Welcome aboard!

I suspect this would cost you more than 2 arms and legs and many other body parts especially if you're not doing the work yourself ;-)

Then there is the "engineering certification" needed here and they can be very very picky. I knew of another brand motor conversion that was 1/8th inch out near the firewall and was rejected and meant that the whole project had to be redone.

I would suggest you find something else and save a lot of effort, expense and headaches.


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You are about 30 years too late. Bad enough swapping engines in the same car line but different years with same or different engines. Makes no sense trying to go to a different vehicle manufacturer. A 2011 SF is apples to oranges different than the latest gen subaru.

I understand your liking of the FA engine. I don't expect it but I would love to see the FA NA go into the crosstrek. Heck it would be a step up by putting it in the 2019 Forester.

The engine is amazing..205HP out of the 2.0 FA engine. The FA engine is great without turbo.

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Typing on my phone so can’t look back without exiting back and forth.:)

Hi Kevin,

Thanks, I have some close friends who would do the work for very little so that aspect doesn’t worry me too much. It’s more the things I can’t get the to help with that worry me like complex computer issues, obscure handmade parts and getting sign offs from Vicroads without engineering certs. I read the rules and they don’t seem to anti crossover but they didn’t seem to say a lot about it... I’d need to look into it more.
1/8th of an inch is hideous.:/

Hi abc,
The SF 2011 actually wouldn’t be too hideous apparently as it has the FB not the EJ but I’m not doing it anyway. Well not compared to what I’m talking about anyway.;)

I can’t find anything comparable width, towing capacity and fuel economy wise that has the upright seating position in modern cars. I’ve looked and looked. Everything else is either too big and/or too thirsty. Or the small SUVs all want you reclining.

Thanks for getting back to me.:)
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