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Extend warranty on Nav/EyeSight

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This may not be the place for this question.

Is there a way to extend the warranty on the Nav/EyeSight to 6 yr and 60,000, like the drive train?

Is there a cost to update the Nav? Is it done by the dealer? Or a SD card?
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To extend the Eyesight warranty, you would have to buy a full extended warranty. I bought one for 7 years, 100k miles.

Here are some threads to read on navigation updates. There is currently one for free from the dealer for some earlier 2014 models, but that is just to update to where it should have been from the factory.

All future updates will have to be downloaded from, but they may not be free. Read the above thread for more information.
So Eye-Sight and the other safety devices have been out for about 6 years. How many have had problems and is the Extended Warranty worth while. I understand a new camera is $2000, that alone would make the Ext. Warranty worth while.
My car was made in February 2013 and Eyesight is working as well as it did on the day I took delivery 4 months later.
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