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1998 Forrester
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I have 1998 forester, and all of a sudden the exterior mirrors stopped working, they cannot be adjusted, the switch appears to be dead, and the mirror defrosters do not work. Also, at the same time the seat heaters on both seats stopped working. I looked at the fuse boxes under front dashbooard and under the hood and I do not see any fuses that are labeled for the exterior mirrors, are there fuses for the exterior mirrors or would it be something else that failed? The interior fuse box fuse for the seat heater looks fine, can they be bad even if they look like they are not blown?

Thanks, David

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Might be worth checking the fuse listings in your owner's manual.

For example, my 09's manual includes the following info:
  • Fuse #6 in my the passenger compartment fuse panel is for (at least) two circuits:
    (a) remote control rear view mirrors, and (b) the seat heater relay.
  • There's a separate fuse (#17) for the seat heaters.
  • The fuse for the rear window defogger and the mirror heater is #11 in the engine compartment fuse panel.
HTH, and happy hunting!
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