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2010 Forester X Auto-tragic
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Im looking to replace the exhaust from the cat-back atleast. The whole system is rather beat up (separated heat shields on the front, making for loud and obnoxious start-up) and so I'd like to replace it all at some point, but my main concern right now is where the mid pipe connects to both mufflers. The flanges on both mufflers and mid pipe are rotted completely and are pretty much open.

Like everyone else, I've read of the WRX mid-pipe/muffler upgrade, but I also read of the loss of torque on the N/A engines. I do like the easy fix of going this route, but I dont like the idea of losing torque. However, with the flanges totally gone, no matter what I do, im replacing essentially everything behind the cat. Is the torque loss that substantial to warrant not going with the WRX mufflers/mid pipe? Or is it better just to get some OEM replacements?
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