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1999 S/Turbo SF5 Auto
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I have pressurised my exhaust system (~20 PSI) and used soapy water squirted onto joints etc. to find any leaks.
This is what I found:

1] 1 manifold gasket and 2 cross-over pipe gaskets producing small quantity of bubbles - so small leaks.

2] Good hissing leak on turbo where the waste-gate actuator pivot rod comes out of the top of the turbo - the bush is obviously worn, because if you manually press the operating lever to open the waste-gate, the leak pretty much stops completely - so leak under no boost condition.

My question is could any of these leaks cause poor MPG? I understand why leaks on the headers can allow air into the exhaust and give a false reading to the oxygen sensor, but these leaks are pretty small. Yet the bigger leak on the turbo unit is more likely to see a continuous pressure and so unlikely to allow air into the system.

I would much appreciate any comments on this.

I'm going to replace the gaskets - just because its only going to get worse and its quick and easy.... the turbo sounds more expensive to fix :-(
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