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Hello all,
Just replaced the cat and front sensor on my 2001 S. I just dropped the y-pipe and cat as a unit and took it apart then. I noticed the y-pipe (head pipe) flange seems to be a little distorted as the mating surface doesn't seem to be perfectly flat to the new cat flange surface. Just wondering if you think the new gasket takes up the "gaps" and makes a good seal. I did manage to go underneath and listen for any leakage when I fired up the engine and didn't detect any problems but is there any way I can be sure so I don't mess up the new front sensor or should I think about replacing the y-pipe? Btw, it is a 2001 S with 80,000 miles and I know it seemed a little early to replace the cat but the codes were indicative of a new cat, so I did and as long as it was out, replaced the front sensor as well. Got them for a fairly good price and they are genuine OEM.
Thanks for any and all advice!!!
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