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My wife's Forester had been sitting in the driveway since Halloween, until about 3 weeks ago, when I decided to tackle replacing the transmission. I got it back on the road yesterday, and once I got it going, I noticed what I thought was a lot of wind noise coming from the rear: however, the tailgate was completely closed. Driving around in the mean time, I was growing more certain that one or both of the rear wheel bearings was making the noise, despite the fact that both had been replaced in January of 2009. However, assuming it was, indeed, the wheel bearings, I figured that they must have developed some rust, just sitting there for 4 months, and that's what was causing the noise. Then last night, I hit a stretch of freshly-paved road...and the noise was gone! So much for the bad bearings theory. As I said, it's my wife's car, so I didn't drive it much, and hadn't at all since last October, so I'm not familiar with its usual sound level, but it seemed too loud. My question: do Foresters have a tendency to transmit a lot of suspension noise into the passenger cabin?

Thank you for your input.
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