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2007 Forester XT 2.5 Automatic
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Hi All

This is my first post so a howdy hello and thanks for the information shared thus far ;)

I'm finding myself with an interesting problem on my SG9 XT

But first, let me share what I've done that makes me think might have sparked the issue (no pun intended, you'll get it later ;D )

Changed brake pads (front and rear)
Oil change
Recharged Battery (she's been standing for a month or so)

So after I refitted the battery I start the engine, let her idea a bit and took her for a test drive.

First thing I noticed was that I needed to apply more throttle but just thought that the ECU needed to re-learn

But then I noticed my instrument cluster was dead :eek:; only fuel gauge and the temp gauge was working. I probably drove 2km and decided to turn around and she stalls on me. :-\ I try to start her again and the battery is DEAD :eek: :eek: :eek: now I'm confused

I call the wife she gives me a jump and I manage to crawl back home

I manage to track it down to a popped fuse #14 Meter Fuse under the dash but also notice fuse #8 ABS fuse has blown. See attachment

So I replace both fuses and off I go. So I decide to use her every for about a week and suddenly once morning INSTRUMENT CLUSTER DEAD :'(

I've replaced roughly about 2397 fuses and EVERY time I turn the key #14 Meter Fuse FUSE POPS

What I know at this point is that this fuse (according to the wiring diagram) also does the following:

Signal to the alternator
Signal to the ABS

Has anyone experienced this issue or might have an idea but to me more direct HHHHHEEEELLLLPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! :)



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