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2005 forester X
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One week after getting a new USED engine in my 2005 subaru forester X the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CAME BACK ON... "Found code P0457 large evaporative leak detected (Fule cap). Checked the fuel cap (cap passed with the tester). Subaru found blockage under the manifold in a tube of the evap. purge... code P0457 detected after clearing the blockage, re-tested for leaks, no evap. leaks... Checked purge valve and close valve with SSMIII, did compulsary valve check. Energized the close valve, re-performed leak check; no leak. Performed test drive with SSMIII; Pressure sensor reads negative value to -012, -.003 at open cap values; should not be below ZERO hg. Need to replace the pressure sensor and recheck"(subaru service tech notes)!!!

Should I have the dealership replace this for and additional $850, (The part is not covered under warranty) or take the car out of their shop... im tired of my dealership!:mob:
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