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Erie PA off the shore of Lake Erie

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Last year 2017-2018 almost won the Sno_Globe got stuck with my 2006 Accent that I decided to look for a new car. The wife has a 2013 Escape and I for my rides were ALL standard shifts (the ones with 3 pedals). I did rent a 2018 Escape when I went out west to visit my brother in Albuquerque NM so I had 30 days with a new car. I had been doing research on what to get before another harsh winter in Erie, PA. I decided on a 2018 Forester and I am glad I did although no real accumulation of snow as of yet.
In another post I did compare the plusses and minuses between the two but overall it was well worth the purchase. The only down side is no Car Play and am looking to upgrade it to Car Play.
We (the wife and I did look at the Forester back in 2013) but she has always been a Ford gal as for me it was never a brand; and I have own domestic and foreign made autos.
Thank you for a great site as I am picking up info on the Forester. I have already upgraded the interior lighting.

Lou Cioccio
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@LouCioccio welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Sorry for the late welcome!


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