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2004 Forester XT 4EAT
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@Xbxhkz Might want to try the general engine forums - After SEARCHING a bit.

Not sure you're getting the info you're after, but any Subaru NON-TURBO from '2006-2010' w/an EJ-series - EJ253 - should work. Legacy, Impreza, or Forester ALL used the same 2.5 engines.

Usually, it's just a matter of re-using your Intake Manifold on top of the replacement engine. There are also some JDM (japanese domestic market) engines that are a swap option, but usually are lower displacement and not necessarily a 'better' option due to their unknown maintenance history.

You might be able to use the 'shortblock' (no cylinder heads) from an earlier year if your heads can reused or cheaply repaired.

When you say 'blew' that's not 100% clear...just a head gasket, or rod thru block or something in between?

Don't bother w/UPGRADES. There are no easy options. Just stick w/what was in there to avoid additional headaches. Unless you're VERY familiar w/wiring merges, tuning and $$ (thousands) in additional cost, it's better to just buy stock turbocharged vehicle if you have a 'need for speed'.
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