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Engine whine noise- Should I be worried? (Video)

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Hello everyone,

I noticed a new engine whine noise today and I am concerned, but not sure what this could be.
If anyone could give this video I took a listen :

Here is some background information:
2004 Forester XS- 162k miles
Never had a timing belt, water pump or head gasket replacement ( I know I should've done this but my headgaskets never leaked ...)
The power steering pump has been whining for years every now and then, but usually only when its cold and only for a few seconds. This whine sounds constant even in park. And it grows louder when I am driving vs. parked, regardless of turning.
The only check engine lights I have is for evaporative small leaks, and a knock sensor.

If anyone recognizes this noise off the bat that would be helpful.

Thank you!
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That is the power steering pump - It is due to the (Can't remember its name) valve in the pump - Sounds terrible but you're fine.
I'll bet it gets louder with engine speed rather than vehicle speed, so rev the engine a little in neutral and see if it gets louder.

I'll bet it is even louder when it is colder out.

I've gone through a handful of pumps, new lines, rebuilt rack - The works and still whines.
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