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1996 B9 Tribeca
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Hi there,

I'm about to purchase a Tribeca from an authorized dealer. They told me that the engine was replaced because the previous one was making some noise Subaru never heard before. As a result they thought it would be best to replace it and try to identify the problem with the old one.

I was told that the odometer still reads what the last engine reached and that the remainder of the warranty prior to the engine replacement is what's valid on this new engine.

My question is, would this be an ideal vehicle to purchase since it is Certified Pre-Owned and now has a new engine, or is this a ticking time bomb...


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For me it would be no big deal. What I would have to see however is:
The service history on it, and not the one line service history of "Replace engine". I would want to see duplicate paperwork of the invoices and repair orders. Since it was done under warranty there is no reason the dealer should not be able to get you copies of these. It would allow you to see the original owners complaint(owners name blacked out) and the diagnosis process.

I would also want to know how long ago was it replaced?

How long after it was replaced was it traded in?

Were there any follow up service visits after the engine replacement?

Was it just the shortblock that was replaced? OR was it a whole longblock?

Was it a Subaru factory assembled engine? OR a remanufactured unit?

Once you have this information it would be easier to make an informed decision. If the dealer refused to get you any of this information I would walk away. A tactic I have used before is to forget the salesman and take the dealer stock number and VIN number into the service department and ask them what they can tell you about the car on their lot. It prevents a possible situation of the salesman being able to hide some thing.

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