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Engine Rebuild

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My 2005 Forester xt is coming up on 180k miles so I think the engine life is coming to an end sooner than later. My knowledge of engine rebuilds are very little to none so please bear with me but I’d appreciate all the help I can get. How did you guys decide to do your rebuild and what were some of the end results?

I thought if I’m going to rebuild, I could go for some bigger power with daily drivability in the IAG Stage 1 EJ25 Subaru short block. It comes with case halves, pistons, connection rods, rod/main bearings, crankshaft & case/main bolts with the option of hardware & seals.
My second idea was being kinda conservative and going with the OEM sti short block. Includes crankshaft, bearings, rods, pistons, and main seals.
Would I need to upgrade my transmission, fuel system or turbo too or am I good with just the new short block?
When the rebuild is done, I do plan on getting a custom dyno tune from a local shop.
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The big decision is whether to spend more $ on the engine than the car is probably worth. I did, because I decided I couldn't buy something else I liked better for that amount of money, so you have to like the car and be prepared to keep it for a while.

If you are thinking about more power, the choice of turbo will dictate how far down the rabbit hole you need to go. Best bang for the buck would be VF turbo, STI intercooler and various suppporting mods, for about 280-300 whp. This can be a reliable daily driver, forged pistons not absolutely needed, but would be a good idea if doing a fresh build.

If you want to go bigger, a 20G or similar turbo will put you up to about 350 whp, but will require a bit more $. Forged pistons now pretty much required, bigger injectors required, higher chance of breaking something.

Tranny will be fine at these power levels if you are not the kind of driver that trashes and bashes everything.
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So, im kinda there, but not really. Engine is at 190k, running smooth still.
But i am thinking myself of the short block from iag.

Not having any funding for any power from it, but my thoughts were to replace it for a reliable daily drivier. Can i just drop in the shortblock and use oem everything else? probably will be rebuilding the stock td04.

If i find money on the ground, then ill start to put on go fast parts. but with baby on the way, that wont be for a long time.
Why rebuild if it is running well? As far as anyone can tell, it might have another 100K in it. Have you done a compression test? If that comes back good leave it alone. Get current on your maintenance, and save your $ for important things, like diapers and preschool.
[/MENTION] kinda things i wana know things since running aging components would accelerate the new shortblock's life. what should and shouldnt i use?
You want to do the entire engine the right way, which is more than just swapping the shortblock. The heads will need to be freshened up. Any hoses that show signs of getting brittle should be replaced. The turbo inlet may fall into that category. The radiator is a weak point at mileage above 80K. Good idea to replace the MAF sensor on a build that is beyond 100K. The turbo may need rebuilding or replacing. Injectors rebuilt or upgraded. A new fuel pump is a good idea, also a water pump. New timing belt. New clutch. The oil pickup is a weak point, replace with a better one. I'd replace the oil cooler as well. Probably more stuff I'm not thinking of. Ends up being a bigger job than most would think. Will you need to pay labor to to pull and install the engine? Depending on local labor rates, that can add 1 or 2 thou to the butcher bill.
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