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It's time for a rebuild! I have 149K on the motor and have a head gasket leak, so I decided to go ahead and do a complete rebuild. I did my research and decided to go with Foreman Performance. After talking with Vim, we decided to go with their F3 short block. I already have an 18G, ID 1000, Perrin inlet, Cobb intake and down pipe, STi intercooler, DW 65 fuel pump.

Here is what comes with their F3 rebuild:
Manley forged pistons
Eagle forged rods
STi heat treated crank
ACL race rod and main bearings
ARP head studs
OEM timing belt kit with Gates pump
Oem gasket kit
Heads get sent out for decking and valve job
Block gets checked and torque plate bore and hone
Blueprinted and balanced

What I am adding to the build:
Killer B oil pickup and baffle
Tomei EL header
Group N motor mounts and pitch stop
Mishimoto radiator and hoses
TGV delete w/PnP, PnP intake manifold matched to the TGVs, PnP throttle body

I cannot wait to get my car back and through the break in time period.
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