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Engine oil leak - dripping onto the exhaust?

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My 07 Forester has started leaking oil. It's bad enough that dripping onto the exhaust and burning. The highest point I can see it is around these sensors. Front of the cylinder, drivers side (US). The black area has pooled oil in it. Could it be one of the sensors or the head? I haven't pulled the cam cover off to see if it's a seal.

The oil was over filled and I didn't realize it for a couple of hundred miles. I removed about half a pint.

What could I have broken?


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Doesn't show me much:confused:
If it's up that high i would think more on the sensor. I had to fix a leak around an AVCS sensor (or actuator? not sure which it is) on my EJ20X - on bottom side of head in this case. In my research i thought i saw that the sensor you point out on the stock engine does often leak - and mine certainly was leaking. In my case it just needed an oring, one bolt to remove it but not sure if that is similar.
@Arcamm the engine can be overfill by 1/2 quart to a quart without issues.

Thoroughly clean off the oil residue. Also drop the plastic engine undercover to clean it off & get a better inspection under the engine.

Put everything back together & monitor for oil leaks.

You could leave the engine undercover off while you're looking for the oil leak.


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I just got in from my shop. I dropped the cover and there's lots of oil down there. I'll clean it up tomorrow and try to get a better picture of where it's coming from.
Spent some time in the shop. Cleaned up as much as I could. No apparent leak source. It looks like it starts up around the sensors. There was oil on the bottom of the cam cover, but I pulled the cover and it's dry inside. I ran it for a few minutes and will go look again after it's cooled off a bit.
If that sensor is below your alternator, it is probably your oil pressure switch. I had to replace mine on my 2000 because it was leaking. It is a $25 part at the dealer.
I cleaned up the bottom of the cylinder/head and dried it off. I did the area around the sensors too. I'll let it sit over night and see what the bottom looks like tomorrow morning.

The one I "think" might be leaking is the red arrow. It's the highest point with oil. Not sure about the one with the white arrow. I don't even know what they are.

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I got one shop to look it over, leaky head gaskets, leaky power steering pump, leaky water pump, and a leaky "VALVE-AY-OIL". Just over 4gs to fix including timing belt.

So, just under $2,800 and no oil leaks after 500 miles. I'm back to happy!

Broke, but happy.
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