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2006 Forester 5mt
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I want to replace the engine mounts on my 2006 Forester X. I'm wondering if anybody knows if the new (I believe liquid filled) mounts for the 09-13 forester would fit on a 2006? The mounts look identical.

My choice is 41022FA092 which the dealer tells me is the recommended replacement part (supersedes 41022FE060 and 41022FA090), or the new style 41022FA000 which is for the 09-13 Foresters.

The new mount is $30 cheaper, and if it's liquid filled would probably transmit less NVH through into the cabin which is the reason I'm looking to replace.

I'm not interested in the group-n mounts. I tried the group-n tranny mount on my 5mt and noticed little performance enhancement and WAY too much NVH. It was so unbearable I had to replace it with the stock mount.

Anybody have any experience with this? Would love your input.

Thank you!
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