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2001 Forester Auto (4 speed)
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Short version:
After using forward reverse forward reverse to get my car out of a snow back the check engine light is on and the engine shakes.

Long Version:
Some days I'm not very wise.
I have an '01 with about 120,000. I just had the front end totally rebuilt about 3 months ago (after learning an important lesson about not looking at ones phone while driving).

I was snowed in a couple of days ago, only about a foot mind you.
I was not counting on the 16" snow drift though...

I got stuck. I did a little digging and some Forward Reverse Forward Reverse and got the car back in the garage. I am ashamed to admit that I was a bit miffed and was pretty hard on the car while shifting back and forth (yea, I really should have dug it out more!) I did have a check engine light come on, but it seemed to go away after a minute (or at least that's how I remember it.)

I waited a couple of days to get dug out. Today when I took the car out I have a blinking check engine light and the engine was shaking. If I go faster the shaking goes away and the car runs fine (maybe a little loud) between 40 and 50 mph the shaking comes back a little, but over 50 it's smooth again.

If I open the hood it's really apparent that the whole engine is shaking when it's idle.

The only other data I have is that it looks like when I backed out of the drift I loaded up the area under the engine with snow and ice. I'm working on getting that melted now. Is it possible that is causing the problem?

Thanks for any help!
Cliff (and his poor Forester)
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