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2007 2,5XT Manual
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Hi all from rainy Warsaw, Poland

My '07 2,5XT (no mods) has had one major issue - the head gasket de-sealed about 15k miles ago (@ 40k miles), and I probably wasn't as fast as I should have been in getting to the garage, although I did tone down my driving and very regularly top up coolant to minimise overheating. Subaru replaced the gasket on warranty but I suppose did not check whether the heads had warped.

Since then, I have noticed increased oil consumption under prolonged hard driving, but nothing else untoward (e.g. no noticeable smoke in the exhaust).

A few days ago, I started to experience engine judder and hesitation when accelerating. The problem seems to happen more often at lower revs and lighter acceleration, but otherwise seems independent of engine temperature, gear, etc.

I'm not technical and pretty worried! Any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance, best wishes from rainy Warsaw

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