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Do I need to replace with the main gasket and the coil gaskets, also the half moon gaskets that we have or we don't have....?
Maybe, no and no. By main gasket, you are referring to the front crankshaft seal, maybe? You could replace it or you could leave it alone. Leave it alone if not leaking. If you decide to replace it, look for a Youtube video or forum thread on re-sealing the oil pump. BTW, the time to remove the old crank gasket is when the oil pump is off the vehicle.

As for the "coil gaskets" - maybe you mean the camshaft seals? Leave them alone unless they are leaking. By 2008, Subaru figured out how to seal the ends of the camshaft - they rarely leak.

All of the above are done (or at least contemplated) during a timing belt service.


If you are removing or resealing the camshaft covers, then you need to replace both 'half moons plus the cam cover gasket plus the two spark plug seals - do this for both sides of the engine. This is an easy job with the engine out of the vehicle. It's a PITA to do this job with the turbo engine in place - there is so little room to work.
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