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Hey guys earlier while I was driving today I got stuck in some pretty gnarly traffic bumper to bumper barely moving for about an hour and while stuck getting off the exit my car decides it wants to try and stall out. The idle was dropping and the motor was misfiring pretty hard although I was getting no flashing check engine light. It never actually stalled out as I would rev it up a little bit when it did and then it was fine although misfiring. The exit I was getting off was also an up hill. Not crazy steep but I was in it for a while. Now I know the fuel pump is located in the front of the gas tank but I had half a tank of gas and the car continued to do it even when I got off the hill although I was stuck in traffic still. Engine temp was fine and the weather temp was fairly nice at 70 degrees and besides today the car has never once had an issue like that. I also don’t have any cats and I could tell the exhaust smelled a little lean. So I get where I’m going, thank the Subaru gods and turn ol Bessie off for a couple hours. About 3 hours later I start her up and she continues on her merry little way like nothing ever happened. Now it’s hard to know if anything I even do will fix the problem because I’ve never had this problem before and I have no idea how to replicate it. Any kind thoughts or advice as to what could be the problem? Also I took off my air box and the throttle body butterfly and inside was as clean as baby’s bottom. She’s an 04 forester 2.5x 5 speed 189,xxx miles no mods besides gutted cats and 2.5inch straight pipe. I can’t attest to what the CEL says because it was already on guessed it, an evap leak (not my cats you naysayers)
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