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Elsa the Icy SK Sport

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Thanks for all of the memories Sepia and Welcome Elsa, the 2020 Subaru Forester Sport in Ice Metallic Silver. I'll add content and pictures as time goes on.

12/21/19: Acquiring of Elsa

Elsa came with the following options/packages:

Option Package #24
  • Blind Spot Detection/Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Reverse Automatic Breaking
  • Multimedia Plus Audio
  • Harman Kardon Amplifier & Speakers
  • Power Rear Gate
Popular Package #2
  • Exterior auto-dimming mirror with approach lighting
  • Rear Bumper Cover
  • All-weather floor liners
  • Cargo net
Modifications (Running List)

Braking & Engine:
Auto-stop Eliminator - AE022
Fumoto Oil Drain Valve - F108N
Subaru JDM Sport Horn - H3717SG000

Formula One Pinnacle Series Ceramic Tint - 30% Front | 40% Back | 30% Moon-roof
Lamin-X Yellow Fog Light Covers
LLumar Air 80 on Windshield
Subaru OEM Door Edge Guard - SOA801P051TQ
Subaru OEM Side Window Deflectors - F0010SJ020
WeatherTech Mud Flaps - 110101 & 120101

Beautost Fit Gear Shift Knob Console Panel Cover Trim (Inside, Carbon Fiber Pattern) - EB31351071
Beautost Fit Interior AC Vent Outlet Cover Trim ABS Carbon Fiber Pattern (Front Side) - EB31351083-1089
Desert Does It - Front Seat Jackers x 2 - 6101
Husky Weather Beater Floor Liners - 95891
JessicaAlba Fuse Box Coin Container Inner Storage Tray - JE-FOBXCWH03AA
KMMOTORS Ultra Slim Side Pockets
KUDA Mounting Base - 076185
ProClip USA Standard Holder - 711117
Subaru OEM Footwell Illumination Kit Blue - H461SXC101
Subaru OEM Rear Seat Back Protector - J501SSJ310
Subaru OEM Side Cargo Area Net - F551SSG011
SubiBros Door Jam Cover Set - SDGCS
VIOFO A129 Pro Duo Dash Cam
XPEL Black Universal Door Sill Guard Film - R3030

Philips Bright White Vision LEDs for Back-up Light (921) - 12789LPB2
Philips Bright White Vision LEDs for Front Side Marker (194) - 127916000KB2
VLEDS High Output Flank 4 LEDs (194) for Interior Front Doors

Utility & Protection:
Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack
Primitive Racing Mid-Armor Transmission Skid-plate
Primitive Racing R160 Uni+ Rear Differential Skid-plate
Subaru OEM Crossbar Set Aero Extended - SOA567X010
Subaru OEM Engine Skid Plate (Aluminum) - E515SSJ010
Subaru OEM Fuel Tank Under Guard - E515SAN300
Torklift Central EcoHitch 2 inch - X7391

Wheels, Tires & Suspension:
Enkei RPF1 wheels (17x7.5 +48) with Falken Wildpeaks A/T Trail (225/65R17)
Flat Out Graphics Enkei RPF1 Center Caps
Subaru OEM Cover Trunk STD - 91141SJ040
Subaru OEM Sport Wheel (18x7 +48) with Falken Ziez ZE001 A/S (225/55R18)
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Gear Shift Knob Console Panel & Interior AC Vent Outlet Covers in Carbon Fiber Pattern from Beautost Fit

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Subaru JDM Sport Horns installed (H3717SG000). These were plug and play with the existing wiring and the simplest installation method is to remove the front bumper for easy access

Center Horn

Passenger Side Horn
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Soaking some SoCal sunshine
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KUDA mounting base and ProClip USA standard phone holder installed
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Update interior shot with the KUDA mounting base and ProClip USA standard phone holder. This won't change much outside of the napkins in the center console area.

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How is the Kuda attached? Also, any side shots with the window tint?
Here are some more detailed pictures of the Kuda mount install in another thread: ('19+) - 2019 - Cell Phone Mounting Location?

There's a single screw that goes where the glove box closes to secure the right side and there's two points that wedge in between the interior space on the left side. The installation is very similar to the SJ model. Sorry, I don't have any side shots of my vehicle with the ceramic window tint.
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Elsa finally got some lightweight trail running shoes and rubber for the urban roads, as well as unpaved roads.

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Driving through Tioga Rd. in Yosemite with Elsa
Tire Sky Wheel Cloud Car


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With mixed emotions, I am acquiring a Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium in the near future so I'm slowly removing parts off of my 2020 SK Subaru Forester Sport. I've created a For Sale thread in the Classified section of this forum if anyone is interested in anything.
Hello Waldo I'm still trying to figure out how to post a reply back to you. I just sold my Toyota 4Runner and have a fairly new set of the OEM rubber floor liners which are really nice for that car and the WeatherTech window wind deflectors. Perhaps we can have a chat maybe barter for some of your items that you're trying to sell. I have the exact same car now only a 2023 and a very interested in all of the upgrades that you have done to yours. Hope to hear back from you. Mike
The 4Runner that I have a reservation for already comes with OEM all weather floor mats and cargo mat. I'll send you a PM regarding the WeatherTech wind deflectors.
how do they sound? it's almost embarrassing using the stock ones haha
These horns are louder and provide more sound over stock.
I still have the wind deflectors if you are interested I posted them on Craigslist Orange County. I also have a trailer hitch and ball that's comes with a pin. Also posted on Craigslist Orange County
Do you have pictures of the wind deflectors? Brand? Price? I just got my 4Runner earlier today..
I'm a proud owner of a 2023 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Premium in Nautical Blue Metallic. Thanks for the memories to my 2020 Subaru Forester Sport aka Elsa.
Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle
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These are the brand WeatherTech. And I will take $40 for the whole set. Nice looking for 4Runner. I also have oil filters and air filters brand new OEM. Also other items that I have had Through The Years on the 4Runner. Thanks for asking.
I sent you a message.
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