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This is what i have found , but i am unsure about it, does anybody here have any information about this ?

From my manual:
oil washers and bolt threads
Tighten to 22 ft lbs
3 1 6
5 2 4
Tighten to 51 ft lbs
Back off 180 degrees first, then another 180 degrees
Tighten #1, #2 to 25 ft lbs ( 27.1 ft lbs Turbo)
Tighten #3, #4, #5, #6 to 11 ft lbs (14 ft lbs turbo)
Tighten all bolts 80-90 degrees (in sequence), DO NOT EXCEED 90 degrees
Finish tighten another 80-90 degrees (in sequence), DO NOT EXCEED 90 degrees

This is what my 1992 manual suggests.
The reason why this is done this way is:
To loosen in mid-sequence is to "crush" the gasket then release for a proper fit when tightened again. These are a multiple plate head gaskets and require this prior to installation.

Here`s my problem the gaskets that i am about to install are not "multiple plate head gaskets" they are made from some black graphite metal with silicon type seals around the gasket.
Does this mean i should only tighten and not loosen the bolts ?
Can any one help ?

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Follow the manual, unless the new gaskets came with a spec card with a new specified procedure for those gaskets.

The manuals sequence is to also insure the heads are torqued evenly and not warped in the process.
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