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I just finished swapping out my ej255 out of my 2004 Forester xt for a JDM ej20x, its not to difficult, I left the exhaust avcs disconnected but moved the exhaust timing ccw two teeth, I had my tdo4 turbo rebuilt and modded by Tim's turbos, installed a Grimspeed uppipe and downpipe, AEM CAI and set a stage 1 map from Cobb, it cranked right up and sounds incredible compared to the stock ej255. I haven't driven it yet, just getting all the little things ironed out and cleaning things up. I have been reading some old threads on the exhaust avcs delete and I took a leap of faith with the timing settings, I am going to log what its doing and go from there. I hope this helps anyone thinking about doing the swap. If you are in the Orlando area JDM Orlando has the EJ20x engines for 700.00 bucks. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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@CRJDriver10 Hi,

I am planning to do the same swap on '09 XT model.
What are the major things to keep in mind when swapping the engine in terms of what to keep/move from the current EJ255 to the EJ20X?

Thanks in advance!

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@Dimi EJ20X welcome to the forum from Oregon!

Note that @CRJDriver10 last signed onto the forum 3 months ago. You could send him a PM - Private Message, now called a Conversation on this new site. If he's setup to receive an e-mail notification, you could receive a reply.


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