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2002 Forester L
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Here's the run down. 02 Forester L, 2.5l N/A manual, threw a rod. Got a friend's old JDM N/A EJ20 (don't have car of origin or year) and put that in. The intake castings were different though, so I swapped all the sensors to the EJ20 intake in efforts to reduce work. The EJ25 had top feed injectors, while the EJ20 has side feeds. Heres whats on it and where it came from:
Intake manifold: EJ20
Throttle body: EJ25
Fuel rails and injectors: EJ20
Fuel Pressure regulator: EJ25
IAC bits: EJ25
AAI bits: EJ25
MAP sensor: EJ25
Accessories: EJ25
Crank pulley, driver's cam pulley: EJ25
Knock sensor: EJ25
Cam/crank position sensors: EJ25
Coolant temp sensor: EJ25
Ignition coil: EJ25
That's what comes to mind right now. So here's the problem I'm having. Only cylinder 1 runs. Compression is all within 5 psi of 180, spark is good on all four, fuel injectors are all replaced and working, injector wires are all pulsing (checked with noid lights), plugs replaced, fuel pump replaced, fuel flows to rail and through rail, got a bad fuel pressure gauge so I don't have a number for that but its a new pump, no fuel showing in fuel pressure regulator vacuum line (diaphragm is still good), Pulls strong vacuum, and runs on all four cylinders on starting fluid (but only until that runs out). Fuel lines are indeed on the right way no holes or kinks, fuel filter replaced. I've been through everything I can think of on this thing and it just wont work. Is there a system on the car that would prevent three cylinders from getting fuel? Timing is correct, I've been through all that. Idle air control or air assist injection systems?
Any help is greatly appreciated
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