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I recently finally got around to doing the resistor mod for a catless up pipe because my state inspection is due. Funny story, while I was doing the up pipe I snipped the wire to my heater sensor. Soldered it back but it fell apart recently and was getting a P0132. Got a new sensor, installed it fine, and reset my ECU; ready to get the state inspection done. So I thought.

They came back with 2 monitors not ready. Catalyst and evap. So I drove it a bunch (approx. 500 miles or a tank and a half of gas) and routinely was checking on my OBD. Always showing INC, never OK. I (probably) stupidly (against the advice of the service shop) reset my ECU and have been trying again. About a tank of gas so far and still nothing. Is there some sort of driving condition I have to meet? The CEL never came back on and my repairs seem fine. What's going on?

EDIT: false alarm either the ecu reset worked or the 1/4 to 3/4 full petrol tank drive cycle worked
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