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So after days of searching and reading different threads I decided that I will go with EBC Ultimax as a pad of choice for my 06 Forester X.
The car is mostly driven during the week by my wife and I only drive it on the weekends when we all travel together. I didn't need a performance pad such as other EBC "colors" or Hawk HPS and didn't want to go with Axis Ultimate as i have bad experience with them from previous car. I just needed a good daily driver pad with good initial bite and somewhat resistant do fade.

I swapped the pads in Front and back myself and did a little bedding test run with some hard stops from 50-70mph with cool off period and few more additional stops. So after about 400miles that I put on the pads I have to report that they are exactly what i was looking for. The initial bite is really good, much better than stock and the braking power is greatly improved.
They do seem to have more bite once little warm but they work perfectly fine when cold too. They don't squeak but dust a bit more than the stock pads. I don't care about the dust too much so overall i'm happy with this pad and will continue to buy it for Forester.
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