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2007 Forester 2.5x 5 speed manual
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Hi all,

I have an opportunity to pickup a 4WD 5MT with low range from an older 3rd gen GL. I have always wanted to give my fozzie better low end torque, just for going slower through rough stuff and because I love modding these cars...

Just curious if anyone here has any experience doing this swap? Ive done a bunch of research, but alot of it is based on people using EJ boxes from Aus or Jpn not the older EA boxes.

My big concerns are
1) will tbe older box, built for 130 lb ft of torque hold up to the ~170 lb ft an ej253 will put out? I know the GL is actually heavier than my foz which is a good thing in my case...

2) I'm aware the EA may use a 4 bolt bellhousing? Does anyone know if im going to be able to simply use 4 of the 8 bolts present on the EJ25 or if i'm going to have to make an adapter plate? (Ie i may swap the front diff with the trans an one unit)

3) Theres always a gazillion other things you stumble upon when doing this type of work. Beyond the obvious axle, bellhousing, driveshaft and potential strength issues does anyone have some insight?

Let me now what ya think!
As always, happy to help with issues you might have.
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