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Dull thumping noise on hard acceleration

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Hi all, I have recently bought a 99 forester gt with about 200k on the clock! It runs nicely but on hard acceleration, especially up hill it seems to have a slight thump that happens maybe every second and gets faster as the car gets faster then goes away at higher rpm. I would love some help pleaseeeee 馃檪馃檪
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G'day & welcome aboard!

It would help if you could identify from where the sound is coming e.g. front, rear, center, left right etc?


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Thanks for your interest Kevin! It鈥檚 hard to tell I actually haven鈥檛 been able to pinpoint where it鈥檚 coming from? It seems to happen if I am in let鈥檚 say second and going slow then put my foot flat and when it gets to maybe 3k rpm it starts to mske this sound?
you need to put this up on a floor lift and run it while off the ground, to me it sounds as if it could be a differential bearing, but a main drive shaft u joint or carrier bearing is also possible, . lift and find it first then see, ........ stop flooring the engine for now, until you repair it
Yeah it鈥檚 hard to explain but to me it almost sounds like a fuel thing not so much something loose or worn out? It鈥檚 like the car is jolting back and forth?? Cheers
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