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couldn't wait for sea-scooby's 12 in kit so i got duffman's enclosure.
not too bad of a piece although it could have been a bit better designed and executed for slightly less. but for this cars purposes, it suits the set-up just fine.

i installed it today... thefirst old sub i had that i tried sounded like a dirty wet fart, so we moved over to a 12 inch Memphis Audio MClass powered by an old Zapco amp that i mounted under the seat. 340 watts is plenty sufficient for my lady and she didn't wanna lose any trunk space.

now you see it

now you don't

Memphis MClass

sounds decent for a single low budget 12. there's a very distinct difference between this single 12 in a small sealed box compared to dual 12's in a big slotted box with 3 times the power going to it.

the provided black cover is perforated so it doesn't rattle. punchy with strong low bass extension, but since its such a small enclosure (.75) it sometimes struggles with loud volume.
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