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My '09 lay dormant for about 2 months and now the driver's window won't roll up. I took it apart and figured out that it's nothing electrical or mechanical per se.
When I manually move the black switch (picture 1) forward the window rolls up.
I can see that the plastic cradle (pic 2) how's over top of the switch in pic 1.
Also noticed the button for that door looked different from the side, part had broken off. So when rolling down the switch could go past where it should. I glued in a little stopper so the tolerances for up and down are the same as the others. (Pic 3)
Put it all back together and it still doesn't roll up.
The problem is so basic I don't want to spend $25-$40 on a new switch cover.
Anyone have experience with this or suggestions on how to get the button cradle to stay on the electronic switch?

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