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Drivers Side Wiper Failure

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My drivers side wiper has completely quit working. I can still hear the motor running so I suspect it has something to do with the linkage. I have seen the thread for the older body style but it doesn't look like the same pieces will work.
Any ideas? And also the best way to get into the linkage assembly? I'm desperate living in snowy AK.
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My driver side wiper did something janky, too. Might be related. It somehow moved itself around the pivot point, which had the effect that, when turned off, it pointed down and even went off the bottom of the windshield, and when turned on, it wouldn't go all the way up the windshield. Maybe it's an issue with the 09-13 models.

The fix for me was just to have them take a look at it when I had it in for an oil change that weekend. Insurance stuff, yada yada, they couldn't take me into the garage to show me what happened and how the guy fixed it.
is the nut holding the arm on tight? pop the little cover off to check.
Mine gave out as well the other week after an ice storm. Just like dpm said, check the nut. I popped the cap off of the wiper arm, ratcheted the nut tight, and it was good as new. Much easier than waiting/paying to take it to the shop. Definitely check that first.
My driver side wiper got weird on me twice. I had to take it apart and tightened it down once and it didn't take. I wound up removing the cover again and taking the wiper arm clear off, wrapping the shaft (IDK what to call it) with pipe thread tape and reinstalling the arm. That was probably about 18 months ago and it has been great since. The whole system looked fairly simple iirc.

I'm guessing if you get the cover off, you'll see that the wiper arm isn't tight on the shaft.
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